Chief Accountant (working in Lang Son)

            Chief Accountant (working in Lang Son)
- Establish, operate and control the financial and accounting activities of the company.
- Advising the Management Board on issues related to financial and accounting activities of the unit.
- Organizing and operating the system of archiving vouchers, books, reports and related documents.
- Complete the tax finalization according to regulations.
- Manage, balance and use capital effectively and safely.
- Manage and administer the work of staff in the room.
- Undertaking regular and periodical inspections.
- Synthesis report.
- Manage VAT invoices, manage tax reports, work with functional agencies.
- Other tasks assigned by superiors.
- Male, in good health
- College or higher degree in finance, accounting and auditing
- Have 3 years experience in the same position in the construction business.
- Certified Chief Accountant
- Having professional accounting skills, capable of synthesizing and mastering the accounting regime.
- Organizing, arranging and developing plans to perform assigned tasks.
- Perform accurate and correct tasks.
- Use computer skills (excel software, accounting software).
- Priority is given to permanent residents in Huu Lung, Lang Son.
- Insurance regime in accordance with the laws and company
- Vacation mode, sickness, hospitality
- Seniority allowance in accordance with Company policy
 Time of administration / regulation of the company
Doi Phung, Dong Tien, Huu Lung, Lang Son or work in Hanoi: work unit at least 4 times / month depending on the work.
Wage agreement
Contact Information Mr Binh Human Resources: 04 3557 9998 ext 304

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